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Miguel Ruiz Montañez was born in Malaga in 1962. A restless traveller, he has visited every continent. There isn’t a corner of the world where he hasn’t been, he is always looking for mystery and unsolved enigmas.

He is an engineer and graduate of Economic Science and Business Studies, a field in which he has concentrated all his published works before 2006.  It was his profession that allowed him to visit a large part of the globe, before dedicating himself to telling stories.

On one of these trips, more than ten years ago, he was appointed associate professor of the University of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. This later served as the source of inspiration for his first novel.

A large part of The Tomb of Columbus takes places in this country. It is a novel which has had success throughout Latin America and in many other countries, where the mystery novel is well received by readers.
The powerful narrative and intricate plot of this work was a brilliant beginning for the author embarking him on a new literary career, which has culminated in 2008.

Having sold more than 100,000 copies and been translated into twelve languages, his second novel The Pope Magician has been a new inroad into the genre of thriller.
It has been published in Ediciones MR, Grupo Planets and consolidates the author’s position in the world of the best-seller.

In june 2001, a new work will appear, a romance located in Haití.

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